2004 All-Star Game

The 2004 Coastal Plain League All-Star Game was hosted by the Florence RedWolves at American Legion Field in Florence, South Carolina. There were two teams, the National CPL All-Stars (dressed in blue and gray) and the American CPL All-Stars (dressed in red and white). Each team featured a roster with 23 All-Star players.

In 2004, the selection of the 46 All-Star players went through a process unlike any in the past. Players were split up by position and by their divisions (North, South, West). Then ballots were sent out to all 12 head coaches and a media representative from every club to vote upon. Coaches and media reps were only allowed to vote within their divisions. Then, votes were tallied and the top 46 players, by position, were selected to be All-Stars.

The players were then put on a draft list, which the two head coaches for the All-Star Game, Joel Tremblay and Todd Wilkinson, were to select from. The two coaches flipped a coin to see who would select first. The coach who won the coin toss would select first, followed by the other coach and then so on until all 46 players were placed. Players were selected by position: two catchers, two first basemen, two second basemen, two third basemen, two shortstops, six outfielders and seven pitchers per team.

Boxscore & Play-by-Play