2016 Petitt Cup Playoffs

Division Semifinals – August 10 (Wed.)


East Semifinal 1 – #1 Peninsula Pilots vs. #4 Morehead City Marlins
Game Result
#1 Peninsula 8, #4 Morehead City 3 Box Score & Plays
Peninsula advances to East Division Championship


East Semifinal 2 – #2 Wilmington Sharks vs. #3 Wilson Tobs
#3 Wilson 14, #2 Wilmington 1 Box Score & Plays
Wilson advances to East Division Championship


West Semifinal 1 – #1 Savannah Bananas vs. #4 Asheboro Copperheads
#1 Savannah 3, #4 Asheboro 2 Box Score & Plays
Savannah advances to West Division Championship


West Semifinal 2 – #2 Forest City Owls vs. #3 High Point-Thomasville HiToms
#2 Forest City 3, #3 High Point-Thomasville 2 Box Score & Plays
Forest City advances to West Division Championship




Divisional Championships – August 12 (Fri.)


East Division Championship – #1 Peninsula Pilots vs. #3 Wilson Tobs
#3 Wilson 3, #1 Peninsula 5 Box Score & Plays
Peninsula advances to Petitt Cup Championship


West Division Championship – #2 Forest City at #1 Savannah Bananas
#2 Forest City 0, #1 Savannah 2 Box Score & Plays
Savannah advances to Petitt Cup Championship




CPL Petitt Cup Championship Round – August 14-16 (Sun.-Tue.)


Championship Series – #1 Savannah Bananas vs. #1 Peninsula Pilots
Game Result
1 #1 Peninsula 4 at #1 Savannah 8 Box Score & Plays
2 #1 Savannah 3 at #1 Peninsula 4 Box Score & Plays
3 #1 Savannah 9 at #1 Peninsula 7 Box Score & Plays


2016 CPL Petitt Cup Playoffs Picture

Seed Team
East 1 Peninsula Pilots Team Playoff Statistics
East 2 Wilmington Sharks Team Playoff Statistics
East 3 Wilson Tobs Team Playoff Statistics
East 4 Morehead City Marlins Team Playoff Statistics
West 1 Savannah Bananas Team Playoff Statistics
West 2 Forest City Owls Team Playoff Statistics
West 3 High Point-Thomasville HiToms Team Playoff Statistics
West 4 Asheboro Copperheads Team Playoff Statistics



How the Playoffs will work:

The 2016 Coastal Plain League regular season shall be followed by the Petitt Cup Playoffs. The top four (4) teams in each division (East and West) will qualify. If a team wins the first half or second half in their respective division, then they will automatically qualify for the playoffs. The remaining spots for each division will go to the teams with the highest overall winning percentage at the end of the regular season within each division.

Per each division, the four teams will be seeded 1-4 based on overall winning percentage on the regular season. There will be one Division Game (round 1) in both the East and West divisions. In those games, seed 1 will play seed 4, while seed 2 will play seed 3 in a single-elimination contest.

The winners in each of the Division Games (round 1) will advance to the Division Championship Games (round 2), and play in again in a single-elimination contest. Finally, the East champion and the West champion will meet for the Petitt Cup Championship (round 3), which is a best two-of-three series.

For rounds 1 & 2, the higher seeds (i.e. 1/2 ) will host the single-elimination games. In the Championship Series, the lower seed (i.e. West #3 vs. East #1) will host game 1 of the series; while the higher seed (i.e. East #1 vs. West #3) will have home field advantage (games 2 and 3 if necessary). If the two teams are the same seed (i.e. East #1 vs. West #1), then we will look at highest regular season winning percentage as the first tiebreaker to see who will have home field advantage. If another tiebreaker is needed then we will go to regular season head-to-head and so on. The team winning two games in the Championship Series (best two-of-three) will be crowned the 2016 Coastal Plain League Petitt Cup Champion.

Additional Notes:

– Playoff spots will be confined to your respective division. Thus, if a team finishes fifth in their respective division, they will not qualify for the playoffs, regardless of whether or not their overall winning percentage is higher than one of the top four teams in the other division.

– If a team wins their division’s first or second half championship, then they are automatically in the playoffs. What seed (1-4) they will have depends on their overall winning percentage compared to the other teams in their division that qualify for the postseason.

*Tickets will be for sale by the host teams. 

For ticket information, please contact each host team. Host teams will be announced as soon as they are known.

This is the final 2016 CPL playoff picture:

  • Peninsula has clinched a berth into the 2016 Petitt Cup Playoffs as First and Second Half East Division Champions.
  • Asheboro has clinched a berth into the 2016 Petitt Cup Playoffs as First Half West Division Champions.
  • Forest City has clinched a berth into the 2016 Petitt Cup Playoffs as Second Half West Division Champions.
  • High Point-Thomasville, Morehead City, Wilmington, and Wilson have clinched a berth into the 2016 Petitt Cup Playoffs.
  • Edenton, Fayetteville, Florence, Gastonia, Holly Springs, Lexington County, Martinsville, and Petersburg have been eliminated from playoff contention.