2019 Petitt Cup Playoffs

Divisional Championship Rounds – August 4 (Sunday) / Single-Elimination Round

North Divisional Championship – Peninsula Pilots at Wilson Tobs (North Division First Half Champion)
Game Result
Peninsula 4 vs. Wilson 5 Box Score & Play-By-Play
South Divisional Championship – Macon Bacon at Savannah Bananas (South Division First Half Champion)
Macon 7 vs. Savannah 3 Box Score & Play-By-Play
East Divisional Championship – Fayetteville SwampDogs at Morehead City Marlins (East Division First Half Champion)
Game Result
Fayetteville 3 vs. Morehead City 5 Box Score & Play-By-Play
 West Divisional Championship – Forest City Owls at Gastonia Grizzlies (West Division First Half Champion)
Game  Result
Forest City 7 vs. Gastonia 6 Box Score & Play-By-Play

*The first half champion of each division will automatically host their first-round playoff game versus the second-half champion. If the same team wins the first and second half for that division, the team with the next best overall winning percentage in that division will advance to the playoffs.


Regional Championship Rounds – August 6 (Tue.) / Single Elimination

NorthEast Championship – TBD vs Morehead City Marlins
Game Result
Wilson 1 vs. Morehead City 4 Box Score & Play-By-Play
SouthWest Championship – Forest City Owls vs. Macon Bacon
Game Result
Forest City 0 vs. Macon 1 Box Score & Play-By-Play


CPL Petitt Cup Championship Round – August 8-10 (Thu.-Sat.) / Best 2-of-3 Series

Championship Series – Macon Bacon vs. Morehead City Marlins
Game 1 Result
Morehead City 3 vs Macon 0 Box Score & Play-By-Play
Game 2 Result
Macon 11 vs Morehead City 4 Box Score & Play-By-Play
Game 3 Result
Macon 2 vs. Morehead City 6 Box Score & Play-By-Play

2019 CPL Petitt Cup Champions – Morehead City Marlins

Playoff Statistics: 

Seed Team
East 1 Morehead City Marlins  Team Playoff Statistics
East 2 Fayetteville SwampDogs  Team Playoff Statistics  
West 1 Gastonia Grizzlies  Team Playoff Statistics
West 2 Forest City Owls  Team Playoff Statistics 
North 1 Wilson Tobs  Team Playoff Statistics 
North 2 Peninsula Pilots  Team Playoff Statistics  
South 1 Savannah Bananas  Team Playoff Statistics 
South 2 Macon Bacon  Team Playoff Statistics